2 Hour Workshop

Thursday 29 August 2024 | 9am – 11am | Kirikiriroa Hamilton

Senior Coach: Andrew Miller

As a leader, the ability and willingness to provide meaningful feedback to your people, in the moment, is critical. 

Yet most leaders will still avoid it. 

What this short course offers:

Find new language and use it. 

Catch your team doing things well, and care enough to point out when they’ve gone off track. 

Frequent and informal.

The Outcomes

  • Happier, appreciated, productive teams
  • Increased confidence to lead – have the conversations that need to be had
  • Teams that know how they are performing (don’t wait for a formal, stale performance review)
  • Create and environment where we all thrive


$275+gst per person


This workshop is registered with the Management Capability Development Fund.

Please email us to see if this fund could support your attendance.

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