Half day workshop – 3.5 Hours

Your team, your location of choice
Delivery Dates available: January, February, March

Most teams want to be high performing, but few are serious about doing the work to get there.

Spend half a day with us to set your team up to get really clear on what it’s going to take this year to shift the dial.

What we will navigate together:

  • Work done well – what are your team proud of from 2023 and what behaviours and actions need to stick around.
  • Evolution – What is this teams next evolution of growth and how do we bring this to life?
  • Communication – What do we want communication in this team to look like this year?
  • Celebration – How do we stay on track and celebrate our success?
  • Better Humans – How do we look after ourselves and & look after each other so we are our best version of ourselves at home and at work with our team too.

The Outcomes

  • Improved clarity & focus on the team’s way forward for 2024.
  • Meaningful connection that sets us up to have the conversations we need to have.
  • Teams that are healthy and have energy. You achieve the meaningful strategic actions that are important.


$2950 +GST per team 

Disrupting the edges