High performers are often promoted into leadership, where a new and unique skillset is required. We bridge this gap.

Delivered through both tailored coaching programmes and our “Leadership Unleashed” programme, we arm leaders with the skills they need to turn high-performance  experience into powerful leadership.

How it comes together

We get real with what got the leader to where they are today, helping them to see the journey to now  and what skills might be useful on the road ahead.

We focus on:

  • Connection – Developing trust with others
  • Expectations – Getting clear on what you need and want from your people
  • Feedback– Delivering honest feedback and how to do it in a way that lands well and feels good for your team
  • Empowerment – Getting your team thinking for themselves and trusting their decisions
  • Delegation – The part a leader plays in getting it right for smooth delivery
  • Curiosity – Asking better questions for better results

The outcome
A new sense of confidence in leadership and a deeper certainty for navigating their team’s future.

The Outcome

Your leaders embody a new sense of confidence in their own leadership approach and a deeper certainty for navigating their team’s future.

“Sometimes you just need someone you have no connection with to ask you questions no-one else will. Andrew understands how to get to the root of issues through great techniques. My time with Andrew helped shape my thinking on purpose and direction”

“Andrew has a knack of always getting the best out of his clients and for me that was breaking down some mental barriers and limiting beliefs holding me back from my potential. Andrew’s approach is a holistic one – ensuring the basic of needs are met as a strong foundation to build on for achievement and success”

“The encouragement to self-reflect has grown my confidence and I am more assured when making quick decisions under pressure. The most rewarding component has been how my redefined leadership style has enabled others around me to grow and achieve their own goals as result of my influence “

The other parts to what we do

Individual Coaching

Making YOU a priority pays off.
Clarity, accountability and personal progress begin here.


Taking group learning to a new level.
We inspire you to take action, get curious and own your path.